Mock 11+ Exam Dates

Hi guys, We are delighted to tell you that we will be holding our first mock test on Thursday the 23rd of February. Our Mock 11+ tests are written by us and have been based on past papers, they are sat in a local school and invigilated by fully qualified teachers. We set an English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning paper and stick to the same time constraints as on the actual test day so it is as close as possible to the real test . Once the children have sat the tests we mark them and give you full feedback on how they did and then provide you with some of our useful resources to further support your child’s learning. Ben and Tony have had years of experience dealing with the tests and so are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the exams. Please call or email us to reserve a place for your child, we look forward to helping you in the coming year.

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