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BetterLearning has a team of experienced (CRB checked) teachers who will provide fun and stimulating 11+ preparation sessions for groups of children currently in Years 3 to 6 and in to High School. BetterLearning will focus on developing your child’s logical/mathematical and Applied Reasoning skills as well as core Maths and Literacy knowledge in preparation for Selection Tests.

BetterLearning also runs courses of mock preparation tests for the 11+.  These are conducted in a local school and are administered by qualified teachers.  The tests are marked and  areas of need and areas of strength are identified and follow up activities provided to support your child’s learning. Mock tests act as an excellent tool to help your child deal with the stresses of the real test being carried out in test conditions, they also act as a useful assessment gauge.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we generate all our own materials and will cater your child’s learning specifically to their needs.


“Ben and Tony make the lessons fun. I love going to BetterLearning”.
Girl, Year 5.

“They showed me loads of tricks to make Maths easier”.
Boy, Year 4.

“We play loads of games. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like learning”.
Boy, Year 5

“My wife and I are continually impressed by the enthusiasm and ‘life’ that the teachers bring to the sessions”.
Mr K, Leigh

“My boy comes out smiling every week”.
Mrs W, Benfleet

“As a parent it’s reassuring to know that my child’s confidence is increasing and school doesn’t seem so scary anymore”.
Mrs D, Westcliff

“The mock tests are fantastic. They recreate the test conditions perfectly and have increased my son’s confidence massively. I can see a weekly improvement in his work”.
Mrs W, Chalkwell

“I like knowing the sessions are held in a safe environment and taught by actual teachers”.
Mrs M, Leigh


Where are you?

BetterLearning provides 11+ sessions in Leigh on Sea and Colchester. Our Leigh on Sea sessions are held at Leigh North Street Primary School and Wesley Methodist Hall in Leigh on Sea.

What are the benefits of learning in a group, rather than one to one?

We believe that children benefit from learning from and with other children because it allows the opportunity to discuss alternate strategies for different question types. It also helps to create a risk free atmosphere where making mistakes is seen as a vital part of the learning process.

We keep group sizes to a minimum and as experienced teachers are able to identify the specific educational needs of children within a small group environment and target them appropriately.

Do you offer mock eleven plus tests under exam conditions?

Yes we offer a whole course of mock eleven plus exams. We pride ourselves on the exam papers that we have written exclusively for the Essex eleven plus using only the questions that have come up in the Essex tests. We hire a local school and use this to make the experience as realistic as possible with the timings being exactly the same as the real exam. We also offer a full feedback for parents outlining which areas need attention and providing resources to help with these areas. We suggest that children do as many mock tests as possible as they give an excellent assessment of which areas the children need to develop as well as getting them used to the exam conditions.

Will you keep me updated on my child’s progress/suitability for the 11+?

We provide regular feedback to parents on the progress of their child and provide tips for you to help with their learning at home.

What will you teach my child?

The way BetterLearning sessions are structured means that your child will receive a solid grounding in core Maths and Literacy skills and also develop strategies for problem solving and reasoning about numbers. As well as specific strategies for solving verbal reasoning questions efficiently and quickly.  We teach learning skills that are transferable to all areas of schooling.

Will homework be given?

All homework materials are written and produced by BetterLearning and are provided as part of a sequential learning programme which reinforces the work the learner has completed in that session.  We feel homework enables the learner to practise new skills and consolidate their learning and is a vital part of his/her progress.

How do I now my child will be safe?

All BetterLearning Teachers are currently employed within the Local Authority and have up to date DBS checks.

How long is a session?

All sessions are one hour and usually consist of a mental starter, skill acquisition sessions, brain gym activities and homework.

Will it be fun?

Sometimes the last thing a child wants is more work after school so we make the sessions as relaxed and physically active as possible.  We aim to encourage different learning styles and only employ teachers who share our ethos.  Your child will want to come to BetterLearning each week!

How often does my child need to attend?

The betterLearning syllabus runs for a school year September to September.  Years 3 and 4 are a foundation years where the emphasis is more on development of core skills.  Then the Year Five sessions focus more on  test strategies as well as continual development of core skills and exposure to Applied Reasoning. We don’t offer weekly sessions during holidays as that time should be for climbing trees and riding horses and playing with your mates in the sun.

We also offer Summer schools which will consist of whole day sessions.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please can you contact me in regards to the summer school times / dates and location?

  2. Hi Hayley,
    We are based in Leigh on Sea, Essex.
    Our Summer School runs from August 14-18. We run full day sessions, 9am-4pm which means we can really address any areas of concern for the children’s learning. We cover all the areas of the 11+ and operate small groups with qualified, local teachers as our tutors.
    Cost is £50 per day or only £200 for the whole week.
    More than happy to give you a ring at a convenient time for you.

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